Kallie's Volunteering Story

Kallie joined us for a 4-week internship through the Excel Internship Scheme at the University of Southampton.Read more

Katie's Volunteering Story

Katie started volunteering as part of the Excel Internship Scheme at the University of Southampton.Read more

Alex's Volunteering Story

The experience opened my eyes to the third sector's influence on communities and without the help of teams many who have been affected by cancer would be struggling.Read more

Alice's Volunteer Story

Volunteering to me is so important. I feel it's essential to have the chance to give back, and to do it freely with nothing but love.Read more

Louise's Volunteer Story

I have been spending two afternoons a week in a newly appointed position as a Befriender at Wessex Cancer Trust. A tranquil area for cancer patients, friends and families alike to feel safe.Read more

Arden's Volunteering Story

After retirement from IBM Arden was looking to link into something worthwhile that enabled her to "give something back".Read more

Wendy's Volunteer Story

I get great satisfaction that I can help someone through their cancer, also it is not always about cancer once they are confident they are such interesting people to talk to.Read more

Ida’s Volunteer Story

"I can promise you, everything about this place is great! The people are amazing and really helpful as well as you, as a volunteer, are helping and supporting a charity that does so much for so many."Read more

Natalie's Volunteering Story

Since I first joined, I have been able to dabble in many types of volunteer work, and the experience has been so rewarding.Read more